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Return on Investment

Making Cities Smarter One Building at a Time.

Making Your Properties
More Valuable and
in Demand

Additional Revenue Streams – Wholesale Bandwidth Big Data. Owners and Managers of Commercial and Residential Properties can “Be the Internet Service Provider” by purchasing a large amount of wholesale bandwidth and carve it up to deliver dedicated, un-shared, guaranteed bandwidth, scalable with the flip of a switch.
Critical System Retrofitting – Increasing Resource Efficiency by making Energy Systems “Smart” cycling power in areas not in use scheduled in combination with motion sensing decreasing over-all utility expenditure

FTTx – (Fiber To The X) All possible optical fiber topologies from the provider to its customers, based on the location of the fiber’s termination point. To Support Ever Increasing Bandwidth Requirements as smart devices, computer networks, and internet streaming demands more and more bandwidth. Fiber is only limited by the speed of light, scales quickly, and is dedicated per unit unlike best effort copper services deployed today.

Proactive Mandatory Maintenance – Getting first responder networks to code ahead of mandates proactively reducing the burden for prospective owners and setting your property apart. You Down with OTT? – “Over the Top” Services Simply require Bandwidth not typically available on antiquated copper services. Services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and a host of other services are all competing for your over the top service revenue above and beyond what the cable companies offer and bandwidth is the 4th utility.