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In Building Wireless

In building wireless networks have become just as important as water or electricity.

Public Safety

Integrators for 2-Way Public Safety communication from testing through installation per
FL Statute 633.202 

Return on Investment

Making Your Properties More Valuable and In Demand.

Next Gen Fiber Infrastructure

Enabling buildings to be smarter & safer.


Backhaul to Install,
We have you Connected.

“Backhaul to install we have you connected” as you may be asking yourself what does that mean? We here at ib-Wireless believe in helping through our commitment on any project large or small by having the right answers through our team as a turnkey solution. ib-wireless has the ability to take care of your project from negotiating fiber directly with a tier one operator for entry into your building and the rest of the way to a completed
installation that includes wired and wireless technology. We can be your direct one stop, or part of any existing project. We are excited and dedicated to being part of making buildings smarter one building at a time.

Our goal is to prepare you for the next wave of technology unique to your situation and with what existing technology you have and eliminate the guesswork for the necessary changes that you need in order to make your building safer and smarter. Our aim is to guide you with real answers and real solutions while not engaging you into the bleeding edge of technology but the cutting edge to increase your ROI. Ib-Wireless can educate you on what is coming next and meeting those demands for what you need when you need it at a consistent value!

The race to get each building and each city ready for the onset of technological advances through 5G will set the stage for how each of us will soon interact and the daily changes in the evolution of life with the advances in communications that will propel new ways of living standards through being part of a smart building and ultimately a smart city that is connected by 5G that is now beginning the deployment that can only be compared to the race for space as did Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer did recently as he truly understands that this technology will reshape how we all live!

Welcome to the next utility…

With an estimated 80 percent of cellular traffic beginning or ending within a building, universal in-building wireless networks have become just as important as water or electricity.

Today’s data-hungry devices simply cannot be served by the limitations of the a 4g network that can no longer satisfy the speed or lower latency requirements that the future needs in order to communicate effectively. Wi-Fi helps, but it requires manual authentication. The evolution to 5G combined with the explosion of internet of things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehicles can work safely with minimal latency,

As your building communicates seamlessly connected to a smart city. All of this will raise the stakes even higher. At ib-Wireless, our business is preparing your building for the future as we embark towards 5G and beyond.